Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet: Volume 16

  • The Michael Jackson hologram made an appearance. Skip to 1:30 to avoid the hideous intro where Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley hype their upcoming singing competition show.
  • Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a beer.
  • The cast of Expendables 3 showed up at Cannes EXACTLY how you’d expect the cast ofExpendables 3 to show up.
  • Huffington Post blogger forgets sitcom’s are fictional, says they ruined her life, and John Stamos puts her on blast. Editor’s note: this is the first time I’ve stood up for John Stamos.
  • This floored me: the US is only 6th(!) in ketchup consumption. Canada is 1st. More condiment consumption stats here.
  • Woman furious that Color Me Badd was playing in her local McDonald’s.
  • Guy gets written up at work for the best possible reason.
  • Stop locking up your bike.
  • Sex Sent Me To The E.R. is officially the most “too much info” show ever.
  • Pretty much everyone in this story gets arrested.
  • 9 things people would rather do than have sex. Yes, 9.

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