Taco Bell Mystery Meat Revealed

Let’s be honest, did any of us REALLY think Taco Bell was serving us 100% beef? No. But it was easier to swallow (no pun intended) when we didn’t know what it actually was. Until now.

Taco Bell has finally admitted that the ground beef found in their burritos and tacos is really only 88% beef. Which is more than I expected if I’m being honest. The other 12% is … interesting. Even a little scary.

Here’s what actually in Taco Bell’s addictive mystery meat:


Torula Yeast

Modified Corn Starch

Soy Lecithin

Sodium Phosphates

Lactic Acid

Caramel Color and Cocoa Powder


I don’t know what most of those are, and I really don’t want to Google it. I like Taco Bell too much, and I’m sure it would ruin it. Seriously, what tastes better at 2AM?


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