Best of the Internet: Volume 10

Here’s the best, and worst, I could find on a work computer.


  • Is the world ready for Nicolas Cage themed fighting shorts? I think so. Seriously, they’re intimidating.
  • Louis C.K. goes bananas trying to help his kids with homework. Every parent has felt his pain, but he’s Louise C.K. so now people are paying attention to this issue. Full disclosure: I agree with everything he says.
  • The new Star Wars cast was announced, and nerds went bat guano crazy.
  • These are the top 10 whipping boys on TV.
  • Take note guys, here’s what mom really wants for Mother’s Day.
  • Top 10 things guys like to talk about. Spoiler: Sex is LAST.
  • 50 Shades of Grey is not America’s favorite book. This is, and it couldn’t be farther from 50 Shades.
  • If you find yourself in Tokyo, but don’t want to eat alone, eat here.



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