Best of the Internet: Volume 8

  • writer says these are the 10 most overrated albums of the 90’s. He’s clearly trying to push buttons, because they’re also 10 of the most popular.
  • That gal from Sex & The City is 49, and just tried tequila for the first time.
  • This was the most aired movie on basic cable last year. Spoiler: It’s not a Bourne movie.
  • STD myths most people believe. The more you know.
  • Which people hate the state they live in the most? Find out here.
  • Wedding gets crashed, so angry bride turns to Facebook to catch crashers.
  • 42 year old teacher gives 15 year old student lap dance. In classroom. She went to jail.
  • Some idiot is buying up all the VHS versions of Speed he can find. VHS is NOT a typo.
  • These are the 15 most popular hobbies.

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