Best of The Internet Vol. 1

  • MILEY CYRUS was hospitalized yesterday due to a severe allergic reaction to some kind of medication (insert narcotic joke here) and Tweeted a picture of herself in her hospital bed with a toy octopus, whose name is apparently “Mr. Octopussy”.
  • “Out”, has released its “Power 50” . . . a list of people who, quote, “influence the way others live.” ELLEN DEGENERES is #1.
  • “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy says the show will jump forward in time for its sixth and final season.
  • Did you know: 18% of the members of Congress are women, which is lower than Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And sex toys were invented 20,000 years before the wheel.
  • Here are the top 10 habits people are least likely to change. It’s a British survey, so there’s lots of tea involved. Just substitute with coffee.

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