A $4,300 Neil Diamond album

A 43-year-old British teacher spent over $4,300 on a Neil Diamond greatest hits album . . . by ACCIDENT. Because who would do that on purpose? Here’s how it went down:

Katie Bryan, was in South Africa visiting her boyfriend, when she decided to download the album on her phone from iTunes. Why Neil Diamond? Who knows and who cares.  It was about $15, but she didn’t realize she was going to be hit with some heavy roaming charges for the download…to the tune of $4,300. How someone in 2014 doesn’t know about international roaming charges is beyond me, and frankly I can’t feel bad for her. But I digress…

Katie says, quote,

It wasn’t a particular song that I wanted to hear.  I’m really not that big a Neil Diamond fan.  And I’ve already got his ‘Essential Neil Diamond’ CD at home, in my car.

Whoa, timeout. You’re not really a big fan, but you have his “essentials” in your house AND your car? And you can’t go a few days without some Diamond in your ear, so you have to buy more to get your fix? No, you’re not a big fan at all.

She went on to say, quote,

I also feel it is morally wrong to be expected to pay this sort of money for a Neil Diamond album.

I can’t argue with that. Neil can’t argue with that.

She whined to her cell phone company, and they cut a deal with her, but the international data fees still ran her a few hundred dollars. Again, for Neil Diamond. 

Moral: Never buy a Neil Diamond album.





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