Get Over It

Two things happen every year in this town (Sioux City, IA):

  1. School starts.
  2. The local media goes bonkers about it.

Not sure what the local television stations or newspapers do in your area, but here they treat the first day of school like the moon landing. My twitter timeline was riddled with “School starts on time at Nodland Elementary today” and “Kids excited here at Bishop Heelan” updates from journos. Yes, they had actual people tweeting and taking video from area schools like the color barrier was crossed for the first time.

This shouldn’t be news.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t a major metropolis with newsworthy events happening every minute. And I’m not hoping for a double homicide or 13 car pileup on I-29. I just think the first day of school is just that. The first day of school. End of story. Wall to wall media coverage isn’t necessary.

I’m sure there’s a non-profit in town that could have used that airtime/print coverage.


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