Wait, what?

So, we’re to the point that over 33,000 people want to leave Earth and never come back. Think about that.

Wondering where I got that statistic?

In just two days, more than 33,000 people around the world — including 23 Canadians — volunteered to go on a one-way mission to Mars.

The Mars One project — which aims to put four humans on the Red Planet in a decade and send more every two years — began accepting applications and audition videos April 22.

The mission to live on Mars permanently is open to people around the world who are healthy and over the age of 18.

So there it is. 33,000 people in TWO DAYS. By the time this gets posted, the number will probably be much higher. My question is, why? What makes life so terrible that the thought of leaving everyone you know and everything you have behind appealing?

Yeah, I’m sure some of those people are mad science geeks, and the thought of being the first person to inhabit a planet is their wildest dream come true, but are these people really comprehending the fact that they’ll never come back to Earth? What if it sucks? What if you hate the people you’re there with?

I just can’t wrap my head around the thought process that goes into coming to the conclusion that life on another planet would be better.

Then again, my life’s not so bad.


One thought on “Wait, what?

  1. As a science nerd, I can understand the idea of boldly going where no man has gone before – it would be pretty amazing in some ways. If the thought of two years in a spaceship isn’t bad enough, the concentration of CO2 on Mars is even worse than Earth 🙂 People will still be people – here or there.

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