Everyone Hates A Coward

Here’s an important tip to remember the next time you’re interviewing for a job. EVERYONE HATES A COWARD.

A new survey asked hiring managers the WORST things candidates can do during an interview. And the number one answer was . . . saying “I’m nervous.” You could ask me what I thought were the 100 worst things to say in a job interview, and that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. Here are the top five results . . .

1. Saying “I’m nervous.”

2. Wearing inappropriate clothes.

3. Not making eye contact.

4. Checking your phone.

5. Fidgeting and bad posture.

The survey also found the BEST thing you can do is be engaged in the interview and ask questions. They also want to see your personality (unless your personality is a nervous personality, apparently) . . . and get the feeling you’re being authentic.


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