How Unique Are Your Traits?

There’s been a big push over the past three decades or so to really emphasize to kids how unique and special they are. Which leads to a rude awakening once they get older, but it’s nice for childhood.

So how unique are you? I can’t say for sure, because chances are we’ve never met . . . but I do have some stats here on how rare your different physical traits might be.  Check ’em out . . .

8% of people have blue eyes.

2% are naturally blonde, and approximately 2% to 4% are naturally redheads.

11% have curly hair.

10% have a second toe that’s longer than their big toe.  It’s called “Morton’s Toe.”

10% have outie belly buttons.

10% are left-handed.

20% have dimples.

75% can roll their tongue.

And finally, only one in 2000 have webbed toes.


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