Favorite Dual Lead Singers

A lot of bands I like do the dual lead singer thing. The Beatles seem to be the first band to really pull this off (yes, I’m sure someone did before them, but I can’t think of anyone. I’m not a music historian). The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Eagles and many more went on to have great success with the format. I started to think about bands I like (really like, as opposed to those named above) and have come up with my 5 favorite bands with dual lead singers.

To clarify, these are 2 singer bands whose voices I like equally. There are other dual voiced bands I like better than a couple of these, but In those cases I prefer 1 voice over the other. They are as follows:

1. The Clash. The Clash, to me, embody everything a two-headed monster should be. One voice being smooth and friendly, singing the love songs. While the other is dirty and gravely, singing the angry, fist pumping songs. Mick Jones and Joe Strummer pull(ed) it off perfectly.

2. Alkaline Trio. Matt Skiba and Dan Andraino don’t have vastly different voices, but there’s just enough of a difference to make it noticeable. And since they each sing the songs they write, it gives each voice/song a certain feel.

3. Dillinger Four. See Clash example. 2 VERY different voices with their own niche.

4. Teenage Bottlerocket. Another set off voices that aren’t worlds apart, but Ray’s snotty voice and Cody’s falsetto(?) balance well, and their harmonizing is phenomenal.

5. Lawrence Arms. Again, 2 voices as opposite as can be, but somehow I enjoy each respectively.


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