Top 90 movies of the 90’s


“Paste” magazine released their list of the 90 Best Movies of the ’90s.  And they gave “Pulp Fiction” the top spot. Find the full list here. Here’s the Top 10:

#1.)  “Pulp Fiction”,  1994

#2.)  “Schindler’s List”,  1993

#3.)  “Magnolia”,  1999

#4.)  “Three Colors Trilogy”,  1993 – 1994  (–These movies were directed by some Polish guy.  Each one is based on one of the three political ideals in the motto of the French Republic:  liberty, equality and fraternity.  But you already knew that.)  (???)

#5.)  “The Shawshank Redemption”,  1994

#6.)  “Fargo”,  1996

#7.)  “Goodfellas”,  1990

#8.)  “Hoop Dreams”,  1994

#9.)  “Rushmore”,  1998

#10.)  “The Apostle”,  1997

What’s your favorite flick from the 90’s?


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