What’s Happening on the Internet: Volume 19

  • If you’re traveling for Memorial Day, you’ll be sharing the road with a LOT of people.
  • Fox News host arrested in Minneapolis airport bar.
  • $10 could land you a part in the new Star Wars movie.
  • How much does it cost to book your favorite band? Find out here.
  • Get ready to feel old: The Matrix came out closer in time to Top Gun than it did to The Avengers.
  • Here are the driving habits we hate most.
  • Signs you’re getting old.
  • Truck carrying 20 million bees crashes in Delaware, now 90% of them are on the loose. Good luck, Delaware.

What’s Happening on The Internet: Volume 18

  • Even Dexter thinks the final season of Dexter was garbage.
  • The artist with the greatest vocal range is….Axl Rose?!?
  • How much money would it take for you to give up simple luxuries like Facebook, smart phones, caffeine for a year? Check out this survey.
  • If your pet dies, a new app will help you find a lookalike. Ok then.
  • Man shots brother in the face…brother spits out bullet. That is so hardcore.
  • 1 in 5 women get more turned on by this than by their significant other.

Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet: Volume 17

  • E! Online did it so we don’t have to. Here’s all the lyrics from the new Coldplay album that might be about Gwyneth.
  • Maroon 5 will release a lazily titled new album in September.
  • Merriam-Webster is adding “selfie”, and a bunch of other made up words, to the dictionary. 
  • Women are now getting plastic surgery on their hands, so their engagement ring selfies look better.
  • Thanks to Adidas, “Selfie Sneakers” are a real thing.
  • Here’s what Google searches are happening, broken down by state. Shame on you South Dakota.

Here’s What’s Happening on the Internet: Volume 16

  • The Michael Jackson hologram made an appearance. Skip to 1:30 to avoid the hideous intro where Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley hype their upcoming singing competition show.
  • Brad Pitt threw Matthew McConaughey a beer.
  • The cast of Expendables 3 showed up at Cannes EXACTLY how you’d expect the cast ofExpendables 3 to show up.
  • Huffington Post blogger forgets sitcom’s are fictional, says they ruined her life, and John Stamos puts her on blast. Editor’s note: this is the first time I’ve stood up for John Stamos.
  • This floored me: the US is only 6th(!) in ketchup consumption. Canada is 1st. More condiment consumption stats here.
  • Woman furious that Color Me Badd was playing in her local McDonald’s.
  • Guy gets written up at work for the best possible reason.
  • Stop locking up your bike.
  • Sex Sent Me To The E.R. is officially the most “too much info” show ever.
  • Pretty much everyone in this story gets arrested.
  • 9 things people would rather do than have sex. Yes, 9.

Best of the Internet: Volume 15

  • Either Angelina Jolie has a raging drug problem, or someone over-powdered her face.
  • If Donald Sterling still owns the Clippers next season, LeBron James won’t play.
  • The internet went nuts over this crappy Batman photo. I don’t get it. I’ts a poor quality, black and white shot that’s barely visible, and the internet’s treating it like an Ansel Adams photo.
  • Clay Aiken won that primary against his dead opponent.
  • 10 smells that instantly take us back to childhood.
  • A woman in Texas found a 12 foot python in her bathtub. I’m guessing she’s moving.

Best of the Internet: Volume 14

  • Here’s the video of Beyonce’s sister, Solange, going banana’s that everyone is talking about.
  • In China, Kenny G’s kind of a big deal.
  • E! Online ranked all the Diney Princesses. Let the debate begin.
  • Coldplay’s insufferable, whiny new album is streaming.
  • 20 things that drive us crazy at work. I could add about 80 things to this, but, whatever.
  • Here’s what Americans think we’re good at, and what we’re bad at.
  • Does your job suck? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Here are the 9 unwritten rules of Facebook.
  • Ricky Gervais live-tweeted a drunken night out with Noah.
  • Here’s a list of all the network TV shows that are returning, or getting the ax.

Best of the Internet: Volume 13

Best I could do:


  • Midwesterner’s don’t need grocery stores, just bars.
  • Guy tried to cure his sinus problem by slamming his nose in the door, then things really got out of hand.
  • Our first ‘drunk guy riding a lawn mower to the liquor store’ story of 2014 comes from Des Moines.
  • And in honor of Mother’s Day, here’s what mom’s really deserve to make. Happy Mother’s Day.

Best of the Internet: Volume 11

Here’s the best I could find this morning:


  • I’m a big Twitter guy (shameless plug: follow me here), and one of the most annoying things is when I find an actor, comedian or musician on Twitter that I really admire, follow them, and realize they have the most boring tweets I’ve ever read. First World problem, I know. Here’s a list of celebrities you should unfollow on Twitter. Celebs, step your game up.
  • Star Wars nerds rejoice, here’s 58 things you probably didn’t know about Star Wars movies.
  • LeBron James will be in Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck.
  • Fox cancels some of its crappy shows. Mercifully, Dads was included.
  • These are the 10 most annoying TV habits you can have. I’m so guilty of #’s 5 and 6.
  • Here are the 8 most absurd deep fried foods at America’s State Fairs. Yes, Iowa made the list.
  • 31 things that instantly make men hot, according to Cosmo. I got 4.


Best of the Internet: Volume 11

Best and worst of what I could find this morning:


  • Someone at Grantland was REALLY bored and came up with a list of rappers you should, and shouldn’t, fight. The more you know.
  • If you’re sending a kid of to college for the first time this fall, you should check out what Rob Lowe wrote about going through that experience. Potential heave cry awaits.
  • In honor of Mother’s Day, WorkingMother.com came up with their list of the 50 Most Powerful Moms. It’s really just a bunch of celebrities.  
  • Jimmy Kimmel got a new contract. Looks like a Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon late night war for at least a few years.
  • Apparently, getting a library card makes people really happy. Like, REALLY happy.
  • Here’s 13 ways being cheap can cost you in the long run. Tell your dad.
  • Here’s what you need to hide from your Facebook page if you’re trying to get a job.
  • No big surprise here, but college grads hate the real world.

Taco Bell Mystery Meat Revealed

Let’s be honest, did any of us REALLY think Taco Bell was serving us 100% beef? No. But it was easier to swallow (no pun intended) when we didn’t know what it actually was. Until now.

Taco Bell has finally admitted that the ground beef found in their burritos and tacos is really only 88% beef. Which is more than I expected if I’m being honest. The other 12% is … interesting. Even a little scary.

Here’s what actually in Taco Bell’s addictive mystery meat:


Torula Yeast

Modified Corn Starch

Soy Lecithin

Sodium Phosphates

Lactic Acid

Caramel Color and Cocoa Powder


I don’t know what most of those are, and I really don’t want to Google it. I like Taco Bell too much, and I’m sure it would ruin it. Seriously, what tastes better at 2AM?